Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Finishing Your Art Journal Pages #4 - The Art of Adding Words

Hi guys
Here is the fourth and final video in my Finishing Your Art Journal Pages Series, sharing a couple of pages from my Junk Journal and Altered Book Journal & focusing on the 'Art of Adding Words’ enjoy 

Today I also signed on the dotted line to the new studio space woohoo!!

But the Blow Out Studio Sale is still on (though I don’t know how long for, so grab your new class or kit now) - http://journalworkshops.ning.com/page/studio-sale

The Studio Sale of 50% off All Classes, 40% off all items in my Etsy Shop. Check it all out here: http://journalworkshops.ning.com/page/studio-sale 

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased a new art class, or a new kit or digi product. I love you lots


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Moving on Up...into a New Studio

'we're moving on up, we're moving on out'...for those of you that don't know the song I'm sorry, for those that do I'm sorry even more for sticking the 90s back in your head lol I've got it stuck in mine as things are all about moving in my life right now. One of the main things being a new studio in a gorgeous 1850s building =)

It is not official yet, but probably will be this week and to celebrate this I'm having the biggest blowout sale I've ever had online. 

You can read all about it here:

There is 50% off All Classes, 40% off all items in my Etsy Shop and 30% off of the already reduced Bundle of all 5 my classes. 

This sale is to raise funds for a couple of things but if you’re tempted don’t delay as it is uncertain how long this sale will continue (all is explained on the page)

Any questions let me know

Monday, 19 September 2016

Need a creative kick in the pants?

If so what is the one thing you can do for yourself today to gift yourself that lift/inspiration/revitalization? 

If you read my latest blogpost where I share the struggle I've had with my creativity you may know I’ve had a punishing year, but through all this I’ve learnt all we need to do to give ourselves this boost back on our creative path is one simple *small* thing. 

When we are in this space we can think that we are soooooo stuck that we need to make huge shifts in order to get ourselves moving again. This is FALSE. Every journey begins with a single step...and besides big shifts are too difficult (if not impossible) to do from this space anyway. How can you travel all the way to the moon if you cannot journey to a nearby sea? 

The art table can seem like a looming stranger that only gets more and more distant and difficult to approach the longer we dwell in a place where fear has set in, or the inspiration has dried up, or burnout has taken over. But…it’s still just our art space. It is the same as it was when we were thriving in our creativity, it does not have the ability to have its own thoughts, therefore it simply cannot loom. IT IS NEUTRAL, as is our creativity and both are ready to welcome us back into the fold with open arms. But it does take that one step to turn that intimidating stranger back into an old friend.

For my one step I am currently using the workbook out of my 'How to Ride Your Creative Camels' ekit for the starting of a new project, as it contains sections for helping along every step of the journey. Notice I say ‘starting’, I am not trying to attempt the whole project, I am just starting and using the kit as my one small step for doing this. This kit is the first product I have created for agggggeees and I made it because, well, I need it. As I said this year has been a difficult one but even in the best of times taking the creative path can be hard, it requires courage and it requires conviction, so sometimes we need such things to support us in travelling our paths. 

Your one step could be engaging in something new that you know will be of support to you, or it could be the easiest creative thing that you already know how to do, like cutting out images or organising your supplies. Your creative intuition will always know what the thing is that you could do that would put you on your path again. If you cannot hear it you are not listening hard enough. Take a moment, get quiet and when you feel connected just ask internationally ‘what smallest simplest thing I could do right now?’…then do it.

My newest ekit is all about riding your creative camels, traveling your path and dealing with any roadblocks that come up & available from my Etsy shop here:

Good luck (& love)

Monday, 12 September 2016

Remembering My Creativity: A Personal Share About 2016

I've spent the last couple of hours searching old sd cards of my creations for an art project I'm doing. It was a bizarre feeling to look through these teeny tiny things that hold the entire history of my connection to my muse. 

It left me very reflective over many things I've been dealing with this year, a battle (or perhaps several battles in a larger war) that has been raging between my creativity and I. (I also stumbled across some pictures of a half naked ex boyfriend which I suppose didn't help my mood either lol). 

You see I've had a tough year emotionally. I've had a lot of gremlins come up internally and some hard changes externally. 

I cannot always lay my finger on what has been wrong but this year unlike any other before my creativity has not always been there for me, in fact some times it has been the source of my pain. It is really scary to share this, because I have always been an advocate for using your creativity to process tough emotions, never to use it to be the cause of them!

It is wrong to say my creativity has not always been there for me in the sense that I 'lost it' because that's not the case, it's just some times I've just not wanted to access my creativity because of how I'm feeling about it. 

It's a new level of understanding this complex relationship that seems to hold more layers and nuisances than any person-to-person relationship I've ever had.  

Looking through the sd cards today I saw times when I had no clue what my creativity and I were doing together, but we did it anyway. I saw times when I knew exactly what I was doing and still got surprised by the outcome. I saw times when I did not think I was showing up at all but my creativity still took itself for a spin anyway. 

I saw a really thick and rich history, and it was gorgeous to remember it all, first mentally, then emotionally and then through my hands with this RAW Intuitive Journal page:

RAW Intuitive Journaling is all about connecting with your creativity through your intuition and a useful tool for process emotions through art. I have a class on this which you can find out more about it on my art community here:

(or if you're not a member of my community site you can read about it on Etsy here:

In doing this RAW page I was reminded that I know this thing that is creativity, I know it, well. I actually know thousands of techniques and sooooo many processes. I can run rings around any magician for tricks up their sleeve.

It's kinda hard to see the layers via these pictures but through the surfaces of quickened scribbles and scraped on gesso I focused on what it was that I was really feeling and was ready to write with my paint markers.

The words on the page say

I'm beyond where I thought I was
And I'm wondering where to take that.
What's coming is kinda sorta amazing.
And it'll teach me right for forgetting to be amazed.

There's also something in there about getting my confidence back, so I guess what I'm really happy to say is...I finally think I see the bright colours of my creativity through the thick fog of emotions again! 

And on top of that understand what this new twist to my relationship has taught me (for one thing: to remember to be amazed!). 

I remembered that when I want to meet my creativity it is never as hard as I've been making it out to be. In fact it's easy, because... well I know it, 
I know it well

I hope if you ever are at this juncture of your relationship with creativity you'll remember this too. What helped me get here is following the steps I shared in this article I recently wrote about 'Dealing with Creative Demotivation'.

Thanks for reading
Love, an artist who just re-remembered her creativity

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Video Tutorial: DIY Recycled Signage

Hi lovely blog readers

For anyone who does not know I run a Monthly Challenge Group on my art community Journal Workshops, where on the 1st of every month I pick someone's suggestion of a project for us all to do. I post a video of my project making and create a space for all the members of our community to share their projects also. 

Well anyway, this month I really loved making challenge so much that I decided to adapt the video a little and post it to youtube. 

You can see it here: 

If this group is something you think you might enjoy you can join for free here: http://journalworkshops.ning.com/
All creatives are welcome!

Enjoy & Much love

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

3 Steps For Dealing with Creative Demotivation

Hello beautiful

Hey! You may have noticed I've not been around here much the last couple of months, so I'm posting (despite the fact I've a million other 'Jennibellie' things I should be doing today like send out my newsletter, or finishing tomorrows next Monthly Challenge project and video) as I wanted to be sure to post something in September. It's silly but I don't like having a zero next to a month on my 'Blog Archive' lol so here's a post all about dealing with demotivation in your creativity and how to deal with it. I originally sent this out to my list last month as I tend to send creative articles out along with the other news/exclusive videos etc.

While my creative juices are flowing again right now truth be told the past few months have been a HUGE time of demotivation for me, as things have happened to flip up my life and routine recently, which is why I was inspired in my last blogpost to write about ensuring you continue your art during the tough times...but that can be tricky, and dealing with that trickiness is what this blogpost is about. I want to share with you the formula I used to see the light at the end of the tunnel & get back on my creative camel (more on that below!)

Step One: 

Forgive yourself! Forgive yourself for not doing those things you said you were going to do and for not being as far along as you wish to be. That’s life, if we already accomplished everything we wished to well, then, what would be the point in us sticking around? Truly open yourself up and forgive yourself for everything that is over and done with, you cannot change it anyway.

Step Two: 

Move with Gentleness. This is the action step to forgiving yourself. Figure out what you were being most hard on yourself for not doing and start doing that, but with gentleness. Move slowly, don’t expect too much of yourself. As I keep reminding myself ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ so allow yourself time to ease back into it.

Step Three: 

Self Care Mastery, as I am displaying in the pic above in my sacred space, with a good book, in my fav pink top & wet messy hair from a long self care soak. Motivation is the most difficult thing to accumulate when you are running on empty. Fill yourself up, keep yourself filled up and in the knowledge that doing this will help you achieve those things that you wish to – which may mean taking a lot of breaks as you do Step Two. Also this is where having Passion Projects comes in great, and makes you feel good about yourself because you are actually moving along on something huzzah!! If you haven’t already click here to see July Monthly Challenge video, that runs through all about starting a new Passion Project.

These above are my Passion Project - here is a blogpost I did about these if you want to read more about the benefits of having a project that is just for you (and contains a little more info about what my Passion Project is). And that's it, that's how I moved from feeling stuck and fed up to creating again. I hope if you're dealing with demotivation you'll give it a try, especially if you've been hard on yourself to try and get yourself in creative flow again (because how's that working for you?). What have you got to lose?

Here's something else that will help with getting your creative projects done and is brand new today (see I told you the above steps got me creating again!):

This  'How to Ride Your Creative Camels' ekit contains lotsa goodies to help you better understand and navigate your own creative projects and creative journeys. Learn more via the link.
It is available via my Etsy shop now:

Now I'd better get off and get creating what I'm actually supposed to be doing tee hee don't forget to look out for the new Monthly Challenge project and video in the group tomorrow, here's a sneak peek of how mine's coming on so far:

Toodles for now.
Much love

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tough Times, Choose Art

I’m going through a tough time (peeps that have seen the Monthly Challenge video will already know this) so I’m consciously making an effort to keep up creating art consistently, especially in those times when I feel upset/bad/confused and so find it difficult to reach for art despite knowing I will feel better for it. 

It can be easy to slip during such times, to make up (extremely plausible sounding) excuses and let your art go. 

I’m having to fight all that daily and choose art anyway because if you are a creative person it is SO IMPORTANT to give yourself this comfort/release/support/exploration/self care so that you can face the world and be the wholest version of yourself that you can possibly be in that moment in time, for yourself and others (not just for others!)…even if that means having to force yourself into it.

Art Journal Summer School started a few days ago, I’m so grateful for this because classes and groups are great guideline, a great place for this conscious effort to go. I’m going to be joining the other 500+ peeps in this class and go through the first weeks lessons tomorrow evening, if you want to join us the link is below or if you want a free ‘guideline’ then the link to my art communitys Monthly Challenge is also below. 

I’m hoping you’re living better times than I am right now but if not I know through this experience to urge you to pleeeease ensure you keep up your art…when no amount of love nor money might be able to help what is happening to you A*R*T STILL CAN. 
Choose Art

Art Journal Summer School -
July Monthly Challenge -

Love, always

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Finishing Your Art Journal Pages #3 - The Art of Shapes

Hello lovely

I've a new video in the Finishing Your Art Journal Pages Series.

This page is back to the junk journal and using shapes to finish your page, here it is:

As mentioned in the video I also just posted the new Monthly Challenge video on Journal Workshops all about Tissue Paper Abstracts, you can check that out here: 

If whatever reason you are not a member of Journal Workshops yet no problem, just choose 'sign up' on the top right...it's free and once I've approved your account (I vet everyone to make it the safest place it can possibly be) you will have access to this fab group and my other free offerings! Yay!

You can also find my other Finishing Your Art Journal Pages Videos here (clickable links):

Have an awesome creative weekend =)

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